Dave Andreychuk

A reader recently emailed me adamantly stating that Dave Andreychuk is sure-fire Hockey Hall of Famer. 
The case he made is impressive:
  • 640 career goals, 13th best all-time
  • NHL's all time leader in power play goals (274)
  • Captained Stanley Cup winning team (2004 Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • 5th all-time in games played.
  • 27th all time in career points
"Consistency, longevity, a winner, and the best power play goal scorer in the League's storied history. Sounds like a Hall of Famer to me," the reader wrote.

It's hard to argue with that. Yet at the same time Dave Andreychuk does not really fit my idea of what a Hall of Famer should be. He was never a dominant player.

My profile of a HHOFer must include being a dominant, rare talent for a good stretch of time. Six to eight years in a 10 year window is my general rule of thumb. While Andreychuk played very well for a very long time and is a real nice guy, when was he ever "the best?"

He never once made a post-season All Star team. Heck, only twice did he play in a NHL all star game. For all those career goals, only once did he crack the top five in goal scoring - 1994. That same season was the only time he finish in the top 10 in points. I think that spurt in production had more to do with playing with Doug Gilmour than anything.

I still really struggle with longevity and consistency compared to true dominance. Even with his lofty goal scoring totals I personally would not include him in my own Hall of Fame. But in the real world Hockey Hall of Fame, I will concede that Dave Andreychuk should one day be included in the Hall. By their lower standards, I agree that Dave Andreychuk should one day be included in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

I would even induct Andreychuk ahead of fellow long time goal scorers like Dino Ciccarelli because of the Stanley Cup championship. But I do think the likes of Doug Gilmour, Joe Nieuwendyk, Adam Oates, Pavel Bure, Eric Lindros and maybe even John Leclair should get the nod first. In my mind, they were all dominant players.

So yes, Dave Andreychuk fans, I do suspect one day he will be included in the Hockey Hall of Fame. But not in 2010.


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