David Moravec

When the Buffalo Sabres drafted right-winger David Moravec 218th overall of the 1998 NHL draft, they had hoped they landed an offensive steal.

An explosive scorer, Moravec had just finished leading the Czech league with 38 goals in 51 games prior to being drafted. Most NHL teams passed on him because he made it clear he didn't really have any intention of leaving the Czech Republic. Undaunted, the Sabres felt the low draft pick was worth the gamble.

Moravec did come to North America, albeit very briefly. In 1990-2000 he played in one game with the Sabres before returning home to play with his native Vitkovic HC team. He played right through to the 2009 seasons, also spending some time playing in Russia, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

Moravec proudly represented the Czech Republic on the international stage. He helped the Czechs capture the 1998 Olympic Gold medal as well was as the 1999 and 2001 World Championship gold medals.


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